Nine advantages of Auto platform

2 billion target audiences

1.5 billion monthly active users on WhatsApp;
More than 2 billion registered users;
Access to target users anytime from any country and region

100% instantly accessing

100% messages sent successfully;
Reach 10k users in a minimum of 10min;
Instantly reach users worldwide

Overseas clustering deploy

Terminals deployed clusterintgly overseas;
Cloud server deployed worldwide;
Guarantee the efficient access of ad messages

High click rate, high response rates

Up to 100% sending success rate, up to 98% open rate, up to 80% response rate;
Far more than SMS(6%),email(10%),Facebook messenger(50%) in open rate;
Better ad effect than any other marketing service

10 million marketing accounts resources

More than 10 million marketing accounts resources are distributed in 50 different countries and regions;
The queue-type is deployed centrally by the platform and the lease-type can send messages using the marketing accounts from the same country;
You can choose any sender you like

Easily operated platform

Select a plan, pick the audience, send messages;
Need no training, easy to be learned;
Save your learning cost greatly

Minimum cost of ¥0.01 per message

All services are denominated in coins;
6 top-up plans, 3 leased plan, 3 marketing account plan;
minimum cost of ¥0.01 per message, charge only if it sent successfully.

Multiple ad formats

Words limit up to 2048 characters, multiple pictures and short videos are allowed;
Sharing marketing card is allowed;
Different ad formats consist of pictures, links and videos

Track effect in real time

Check the process of audience detection, the process of ads running and users feedback in real time;
TLabeling management of potential audience, download of potential audience list is allowed;
Ease the anxiety of checking the effect of ad running
Product evolution

Auto-Marketing is a leading domestic provider of programmatic advertising and cross-border marketing platform offering ad-marketing service like acquiring new users precisely, recalling old users and managing clients, ect.Team members who have been working in ad and e-Commerce field many years are mainly from Baidu, Ali and Amazon having rich experience in social marketing, application promoting and cross-over e-Commerce.

Auto WhatsApp mass texting platform is the core product of Auto-Marketing whose system builds a mass texting platform for Cross-Border e-Commerce clients based on the ability of WhatsApp of sending messages。 Clients can send ad messages to 2 billion WhatsApp users around the world through the mass texting platform。

Apart from WhatsApp mass texting platform, the team is also developing and planning to develop

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AMT Information

During the rapid development

AMT has obtained many authoritative and well-known media reports in the industry

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